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Anesthetist calculator

A medical application for anesthetists

Our customer was a health worker who wanted to create an application which can enable the 20 most common calculations which anesthetists perform during the induction and maintenance of anesthesia. We build a medical app which lets anesthesiologist perform these calculations in a click, revise formulas, save the results, and set parameters and limits. With the help of this program, we transformed iPhone into a medical tool that can calculate doses for oral drug and intravenous drug administration, rate speed drip, converse ml/h in mcg/min and vice verse, and perform many other operations related to anesthesia.



On-demand ride booking application

Our client was looking for an alternative application to well-known Uber which will contain such features as ride booking and scheduling, leaving feedback, profile functionality and others. The customer’s idea was a little bit raw and needed a comprehensive analysis and development. Our task was to help to identify the specifications and combine rich functionality with user-friendly design. We build an app for on-demand transportation service provider ensuring that users can book a kid- or elder-friendly vehicle and schedule one or more ride. The app also provides a payment gateway allowing customers to pay for rides via Visa, MasterCard, PayPal.


Travel Deals

Travelling app for hotel search in Thailand

One of our projects was dedicated to a hotel search service which offers the best reservation options and package deals in Thailand. We built an app that provides an immediate insider access to our customer’s exclusive travel deals letting view private sales and mobile offers, save the favourite offers, learn about sightseeing places and read tourist recommendations, get in touch directly with the hotels, book the trip, and invite friends. The app lets users create unforgettable holidays staying within the travel budget.


Pocket Record

A vocal recording mobile app

In collaboration with talented musician and songwriter, we created a vocal recording tool which always in your pocket and ready to catch the flash of inspiration wherever you are. This application was made with social media integration letting users share their audio files and get feedback. It is a portable and functional recording studio which will suit equally well to a professional recording artist and a beginner. The sharing is enabled with the help of Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud.


Lay-up Shot

An educational app for golf lovers

We love to work with educational apps, and one of our development cases related to the training was dedicated to golf providing users with educational content. The app architecture was built considering its monetization strategy so that it could offer to types of subscription: Free and Premium. The last one provides a bigger access to the content without any limitation. The app consists of video tutorials which include golf fixes, warm-ups, and workouts. The complement to this content are driving tips, short game, and hook and slices sections configured by the admin. The app also includes coaches profiles letting users get in touch with them for professional advice and assistance.


NP Medicine

A medical app for finding over-the-counter drugs based on symptoms

Our clients wanted to create a mobile solution which will make the process of non-prescription drugs finding easier and faster. As far as patients are often unfamiliar with the medicine products available on the market today, our client, an owner of a pharmacy, wanted to make a solution that could simplify the search of the drugs for a user’s particular symptoms. The app isn’t a professional medical treatment tool. It is just based on regularly updated symptoms and medicine bases, that is why once user found an appropriate over-the-counter medicine, he or she should ask a pharmacist about the product. The app also navigates users displaying the nearby pharmacies.