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Our team represents a professional app development agency that delivers advanced and top-notch mobile solutions to make the most complicated business tasks simpler for the customers.

Mobile Excellence

We are working with innovative companies, growing companies and creating business to offer the best mobile solutions of its kind to preserve them before the curve. We take advantage of our experience, superior infrastructure and the skilfull team of more than 150 experts to create digital products, which are of a disturbing nature and are created to be the best and unique on the IT arena.

Brilliance on UX

Particular user interface (UI) and user experience (UCS) with functional sound logic establish a superuser experience and, therefore, greater conversions. Each component of our mobile application development process is connected to user experience and online statistics downloads, driving fantastic visibility and usability to outstanding products.

Development of static mobile software

Make your business mobile with snow making solutions.

Our team is creating top-class and cross-platform mobile apps for different operating systems: Android, Windows, iOS, and others.

IPhone Apps: Let's connect your business with a worldwide audience through the most advanced software for Apple devices. Our iOS developers can boast the remarkable experience in developing apps within all industries.

Android Apps - The company represented by the leading programmers, incorporates the best Android and the most professional builders under one roof. There is no task, which we can not implement: in our portfolio are the most challenging projects with intuitive interfaces and the complicated custom functionality for Android and iOS platforma as well as e-commerce smartphones and tablets apps.

Mobile Games - Build your ideal game with our application development company and start using the benefits of the online marketplace. Choose any genre: adventure, action, arcade, board, racing, music, puzzles, strategy or rpg - no limits to skills.

iPhone development

We accompany the client in the whole range of projects: from performance, structure and design to release and promotion. We always strive for excellence and perfection in every iOS app we create. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of functionalities such as web services, social media integration, GPS, maps, push messages, agitated facts, ad serving and database synchronization. We combine the purchase in the application, which is vital for the company to accept from any iPhone application.

Android App Development

Android OS is boosting almost 75% of the global mobile market. With such a large user base of Android OS, it is worth sharing the development area as part of the core strategy for leading companies, companies and startups. We perfectly understand that Android is the fastest growing mobile platform, and we see that the demand for high quality programs is gradually increasing. Our main goal is to make the most advanced applications and business solutions by using the combination of skills with pure passion. To make the applications perfect, we use special SDKs, Wi-Fi APIs, media APIs, , location-based service APIs, OpenLl, 3D Graphics, and Security Architecture.

Android is operating system and software at the same time. Developers have been informed about the development, design, and testing of mobile devices for an appropriate moderator. Connect the device SDK, send programs can use sensors such as accelerometer, camera, scanner, magnetometer, lighting sensors and data exchange with Bluetooth or near field (NFC). Our technology describes the products we already have.

Development Cross-platform app

B2C applications will make it possible to extend the multi-user application and set up mobile application development for multiple mobile user devices. We specialize in the development of mobile applications and empower them with modern technologies, like frameworks PhoneGap and Titanium.

Cross-platform software development provides the first benefit to earning money by developing a single program that runs on different platforms. It integrates a single source development process to create a variety of systems with small changes. We had a strong experience building successful applications using PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium, various stakeholders and cross-platform.

Xamarin is considered one of the best multiplatform application development tools, and built its platform. With the introduction of Xamarin2, it seems to be one of the key solutions. He also emphasizes his business credentials with the latest announcements from IBM, Xoriant and Microsoft.

Sencha provides a variety of devices for the development of cross-platform applications, such as Sencha Animator, Sencha Architect. The main case of its enterprise users is Ext JS 5, which allows developers to create HTML5 applications, and then you can use PhoneGap to upgrade to native applications.

Appcelerator Titanium is the first choice in cross-platform mobile production. You can actually develop native applications by fully accessing the API of each device. Applications built using Titanium are social, rich, interactive, local, and extensible multimedia, and support all UIs, including scrolling views, table views, native buttons, tabs, switches, and so on.

Adobe's PhoneGap is widely recognized as a change in the rules of the game in this field because it is an open source framework for development of cross-platform functional solution.

Mobile Game Development

Mobile games in the last decade are one of the fastest growing areas of the software industry. Earlier, the simplest mobile games with black and white are the complete games of today's multiplayer players. The development of mobile platforms has driven mobile games to any other band.

With the experience of sports, strategy, action and fantasy and other forms of game development, our team is constantly seeking unique technology. Our developers use HTML 5, PHP, JQuery, Flash ActionScript 3.0, MySQL, ROR, Open GL, and Unity 3D to transform static solutions into efficient social programs that stand out from all other aspects.

What makes us a fantastic mobile game production company?

  • We provide powerful back-end manager and analysis for applications
  • We fully utilize isometric mapping technology.
  • We have unlimited 2D / 3D mobile gaming opportunities
  • We work under a non-public agreement


Mobile app testing plays a vital role in ensuring that users are entertaining with the utility. Requires test, usability and consistency features. The testing process can be manual or automatic.

Our qualified testers have extensive experience in quality assurance testing, especially for enterprise software, applications and product games.

In the QA test, we provide:

  • Key tests of functional, compatibility, usability, and stress tests for each operating system.
  • An automated test program is provided by a framework that supports all of the most popular mobile platforms. The tools used are QC and HP QTP.
  • Performance testing, including server-side detection, battery, memory and test and CPU stress check for mobile portal servers.

The following is a list of the most popular simulators for different mobile operating systems that can be used to test your application:

  • Android SDK Simulator - a real simulator that displays all the hardware and software features that run the Android device (except the phone).
  • Google Android emulator - you can configure this emulator as a secure computing device application without having to download the full SDK, which can also require a lot of time and memory space. The simulator is for Android applications.
  • Mobione - This is a Windows smartphone network integration environment that can access repair, verify, deploy and install web applications on devices running a variety of platforms.
  • Iphoney - web browsing simulator viewed by Safari. If you develop a website and need to test the look of the iPhone, it is very useful. It is not an iPhone simulator, but it is an effective tool for those who want to check out the mobile site. It supports today's iOS generation
  • TestiPhone - is another web browser emulator for the iPhone Web program. These tools can be used with browsers iIE, Firefox and Safari.
  • Windows UI Automation - If you need to use Microsoft UI Automation technology to test the program, you need the Windows Automation API 3Zero. It is set in Windows 7 and later. It can also be downloaded from the official Microsoft website.

What makes our special products

The Coordination Center is using our development experience to gain experience to build successful business in the program and to provide equipment and technology for entrepreneurs. Our production services are designed to provide obvious and useful content for current use, so that digital products can start and start earning revenue immediately.

Our smartphone utility is an exception. We offer real-life tests that specify clarification problems and load data. Our team works closely with leading marketers who demonstrate their results to evaluate, build and develop software. If the program does not work, we will not recommend it. We gain value from the services we offer to our clients, and that is why each staff member is very careful in providing services. This allows us to better understand how the market works, how to make money from the application and how to grow the business faster.

Professional management

We provide your software on the most proficient level. This is done through an excellent study, using first-class services for up-to-date assessment of users. We also help start-up companies, midsize companies, and large companies find companions who can meet their aspirations, whether it's a one-time venture or long-term cooperation.

Our company, in partnership with customers who can allocate a solid budget, can give the opportunity to invest a lot to see the most expensive customer suppliers. We also have a very limited budget partner, and we can find the most profitable solution for each case.

We are here to help you grow faster.

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Our team is easy to collaborate - we offer a step-by-step service to publish your application and ultimately have a significant impact on the world. If you are looking for the latest technology and decide to create something special - we are the best partner.

The dynamic idea of ​​software is so diverse, and sometimes the needs and ideas of a single project are not a simple task. Do not worry - we're here to help you and succeed for you.

Due to our customer-oriented approach, we are recognized as the leading IT company. We are always ready to provide all the details of the workflow and guide you through the life of the project until you are satisfied with your final product.

We are now part of the growing digital world of the world and working with the best software developers will help you stay ahead of the competition. Over the years, we have achieved results because of the many advantages of our organization and the high quality of service we offer our customers.

Hire a specialized developer

If you are looking for bespoke mobile applications for your business to provide new product concepts or mobile solutions, there is no better than our team to focus on the choice.

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