How to make your own web site for kids

If you can type and you are connected to the Internet, you can make your own easy-peasy website. How?
1. Find a place on the Internet to put your site.
cheap webhstingYou are looking for a “webhost” that will give you all the space you need where you can make your own website. If you want cheap webhosting to help you:
setting up your website
getting visitors to your website
then sign up for the Ready to Blog package: they have very helpful people that you can ask any questions you need to know in order to get started like a pro 🙂
Chance is big that your parents already have free webspace. Where? Look at their monthly Internet bill and ask their Internet Service Provider where the webspace is that came with the package.
You can always ask us to start your website right here for free or search online for free webhosting services!
2. Get your domain name
Yup, get your own name that tells people exactly what your website is all about. Of course you can only apply for available domain names.
If you write about yourself and your daily life, then nothing is easier than registering something like How?
buying a domain nameBuying a domain name is easy:
When nobody else has taken the domain name you prefer, it will be yours for a fee of about $15 a year.
Just ask your Webhost to register the domain for you.
Also ask your parents ISP (Internet Service Provider) if there isn’t a free domain name included in the package they are paying for.
The Ready to Blog package has a free domain name included in the package.
Completely free domain name registration does exist, but there are a lot of conditions involved and you don’t have full control over what you want to put on your website.
3. Start writing and adding pictures
Website for KidsThe easiest way to get your website for kids filled with your pictures and stories is to start a “blog”.
A “blog” is like an online diary that you can built up anytime you feel like it. Actually, what you are reading now is part of a “blog”.
Just ask your webhost to setup a WordPress blog on the domain name they registered for you. WordPress is the name of the best and easiest way for kids to get started “blogging” or writing their website.
Once done, you will find where to click to start writing your stories and adding your pictures on your new website for kids 🙂
If you have more questions about how to make a website for kids, please ask in a comment and we will tell you more 🙂
How parents can make a website for kids
1. Find a webhost and domain name
Most likely your ISP provided you with free webspace, do read your agreement or ask their helpdesk.
If you don’t have webspace or want to start a website right away, then get yourself a Ready to Blog package. This package includes all you need to start a website that attracts visitors:
a domain name
a blog setup with cute layout
a mentor that will help you making your website popular
If you want to register an available domain name on your won, please do search the Internet for discount domain registration offers. Rule of thumb is that a normal ‘dot com domain’ will cost about $15.
2. Make a fun and educational website
Kids love to have fun, so add lot’s of graphics and games.
Kids are eager to learn, so choose educational games or anything else that’s fun, interesting and educational.
Make your website for kids easy to use, easy to navigate and as interactive as possible.
3. Have a look at other websites for kids
Don’t re-invent the wheel! Tap from what very popular websites for kids are doing in order to make kids surfing their sites:
4. Make your website for kids ‘kid safe’
safe for kidsGo to to get info about:
how to make and find kid-friendly websites
how to add a meta-tag saying your site is safe for other kids to visit
5. Get more visitors to your kids website
It’s easy to put a site on the Internet, the challenge is to get people visiting your website. Add your site to other kid oriented sites in web rings and link exchanges.
The Ready to Blog package will make sure your site gets 100 unique visitors a day. They are as cheap as any other webhosting companies yet they will help you out in making a website that gets visitors!
You can always ask us to start a website for kids here for free or search the Internet for cheap webhosting.
How to make a website for kids summarized
Everybody who can type can make a website.
Some webhosting is free, other webhosting companies do ask way too much for what you get. Free webhosting normally will:
give you way too little bandwidth (although they promise you ‘unlimited bandwidth’ : there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth. Bandwidth is as limited on the Internet as oil is on planet Earth)
add their advertising on your kids website
The Ready to Blog package offers you a fast, cheap and easy way to get blogging right away.