How to Create an iPhone App

You have been thinking for months about a new concept for a new iPhone app. You are certain that your idea is not just unique but also fun, educative and useful. You are also certain that the world has never seen such an app before. As a matter of fact, you are sure that you app is going to be the next big thing. Bigger than Instagram perhaps. The only thing standing in your way and the moment of greatness your iphone app will give you is the fact that you do not know how to program. In other words, you are not so good at creating iPhone apps. That reduces everything to just an idea. But like you may have guessed, even Instagram started with just an idea. You are therefore on the right track.
First, understand that your app can either be for Android, Blackberry or Windows. You are the one to decide on that. Then answer these important questions.
  • Why are you building the app?
  • What will make it special?
  • Who will use it?
  • When will you complete it?
  • Why and who
You may be tempted to answer the question with an astounding ‘Everybody”. Wrong! Not every Tom, Dick and Harry will use your app. Your app should be made for a specific reason which means it will only appeal to a specific audience. The bottom line here is, there are so many other apps that exist. Others may be better than the one you are trying to create. Yours must have a special value proposition if you want people to buy and download it.

What and how

This is where the biggest challenge lies. If you are not careful at this stage, you can easily murder the app you are creating. You will have to spend more time reading books on how to create an iphone app or just consulting other programmers. Know such things as what every screen or page will contain and what every button will be used for and why. Remember to define each and every feature so as to make the app you are creating user friendly and fun to use.


This is yet another important aspect to consider. It has very little to do with when you will launch your app and start selling it online. The aspect involves such things as a development plan documenting your schedule, the people you will need such as designers, how often you will be upgrading the app and so much more.

Other factors

already hinted, you have to consult with other people such as designers and programmers. You will also need other people who will market and monetize your app. Remember that if you want to the app to be effectively used across the world, you have keep in mind such features as multilingual abilities and ease of use. These are but some of the things that people often ignore when trying to make it big when creating apps. Read more articles on how to create an iphone app and you will certainly have a breakthrough.