World Class Apple Developer, UK: Your Best IT Partner

Our UK based application development company is a full service digital organisation focused on producing top of the line software based on iOS devices. From corporate strategy to full integration, we created custom solutions that meet all of Apple's design requirements. We are committed to the success of your business, so each project provide the best development team and fast engineering process, with the least time possible to provide a high quality work.

Our services

Our UK development team offers a full range of IT solutions that enable important business needs across the diverse sectors of educational institutions, industry sectors, logistics, healthcare and healthcare companies. The extensive range of services include:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Development
  • Developed with open source code
  • Digital Marketing Solutions
  • Creative UI / UX Design
  • Creation of corporate portal
  • IT and marketing support

Our expert developers use the latest technology to improve service reach and provide the best way to handy make any Apple device the most effective business tool.

What's the difference?

We will bring a great experience of all stages of the lifecycle of the product, from the beginning of the brainstorming to the complete post-launch maintenance. We provide uninterrupted QA testing throughout the process. So from the outset, we'll help you plan, develop, and promote the app to provide you with the best financial returns for the users to deliver the most benefits.

British industry experience

For more than six years, we have produced more than 1,000 successful applications and projects for iPhone, iPad and other devices. With over 150 skilled employees, UK companies become the name of global mobile applications and software development services.

Working methods

Our progress on the job is dynamic and goal oriented. Before beginning work, our developers can estimate the project objectives, expectations, requirements, and meticulous strategies to ensure customer success.

Technical experience

It is necessary to develop an increasing number of buildings that achieve business goals. Our developers have great experience in software production and never stop their own learning. We only employ highly qualified people who can master your needs and provide excellent decision making.

Perfect Communication

We provide 24/7 support to the customers and provide different opportunities to contact: Skype calls or meetings, phone calls or emails - wthe specialists are always waiting to hear from you in the UK. The relationship with high quality clients provides us with a loyal customer ready to build long term partnerships.

iOS Application Development

As mobile tech becomes more resilient, the use of smart devices continues to grow. Researchers believe that mobile technology will fully manage the next generation. As a result, our UK company offers high quality Apple product development services to small and medium businesses and large companies.

We follow a continuous and well-organized approach to creating a functional user interface without errors and errors.

We have arrived, creating a fair name in the ever growing IT world, delivering the best results within budget based on customer requirements.

Apple Expertise

The most important principle in developing an Apple program is to follow Apple's guidelines for creating products that can compete on a large scale in the marketplace. Our team of creators in the UK is well aware of the design and development environment and the entire development process. Product sales are primarily driven by various forms of large-scale advertising, we know perfectly how to create icons, write descriptions or organize screenshots to allow users to view and select products. Everything you need is a hit idea, while our team guarantees you will get the best help.
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Apple Software Programming Tool

There are many third-party tools available for compiling the Apple program. We use many applications in UK developers, but previously, XCode is a unique model that can be used to develop.

Objective-C is the core programming language created by the application. However, Apple thought of the new coding language - Swift, has become the successor to Objective-C. The developers have mastered two languages ​​to create Apple program products in the most efficient way.

Currently, with many third-party platforms, developers are ready to build innovative and advanced products for all needs. Using this particular platform gives the opportunity to write in Objective-C and Swift languages ​​in two languages ​​to reduce development time.

Expert iOS developers in the UK will build the best solution for your business:

  • Adobe Air
  • Corona SDK
  • Unified
  • PhoneGap
  • Jam

There are more platforms to add to this list and some other development tools. By building the software, the skilled developers and expert programmers ensure that enough information is delivered to the client to develop tools that make them feel their ideas are reliable.

The developers of British Apple have begun to adopt the latest trends and ultimately can help us improve the service.

Once this idea is transferred by the customer, we ensure that our team is able to reinforce this idea to the greatest extent and create it incorrectly based on customer expectations.

Apple Software Project

The design of mobile applications requires special skills, knowledge and proficiency to be correct. We have to follow all developer standards and instructions, but at the same time we tend to be creative and innovative.

Our first thing to do with new clients is to ask hundreds of questions. If we do not have the opportunity to know you personally and your business, we can not understand your thoughts and thoughts. The developers like to talk and always ready when you share your ideas and explain what you need before we offer you various discounts that we think fit your project. We would like to confirm the purpose of this meeting. The goal will lead to success. What goals do we strive for achieving with this mobile application?

After making the decision, we are prepared to study and define ways to help us achieve the goals. The last thing we did was brainstorming. In fact, it is our favorite part because anyone has the opportunity to add something that is sometimes the key to a successful development plan.

Apple Design Trends

Material design is still one of Apple's most popular UI / UX trends. It was developed to enhance the user experience by making it simpler, more unified and intuitive. Material design based on the concept of graphic design - the last years of continuous trends and UI / UX design standards. In recent years, the concept of graphic design has undergone some changes, but the overall picture is more or less the same.

The animation of the functions is not animated for the animation. The fantasy of movement and morphological changes must be logical. Simple, vivid, meaningful, fast, and responsive - they are key features of the material design we adhere to. The idea of ​​functional animation is not only the trend of Apple, but also in a wide range of mobile platforms.

Using a card layout is just another way to make user experience more meaningful and more dynamic. It is one of the most well-known trends from 2014 and it will be a long time since the UX design becomes less intuitive but more functional.

The information is grouped into the profile box to make a one-click entry point for more detailed information, which is convenient, attractive, and user-friendly.

UI / UX for larger screens is needed because larger screens change the way users have devices. So we reconsidered the UI and UX design methods to get the most out of Apple devices. Our UK developers emphasize attitude-based navigation, hiding controls and other content in the context menu to make the program feel and look more spacious.

Contrary to the diversity of subtle color schemes, the Material Design Guide recommends the use of vibrant and unexpected colors and the creation of color levels. The material design shows dark and light background, but most applications still use white themes by default. So with the development of an application, you will break the trend of competitors. In short, the software tends to simplify the interface and emphasize the user's involvement and functionality. These trends are particularly important for our UK developers.

Creative Software Development Four Steps

Our developers always follow the four steps to create great products:

  • Research - We want to better understand your business, get information on business needs, research target audiences, key goals and barriers to success. We think that we are extremely fast thinkers and innovators, ready to find new ideas and new ideas.
  • Design UI - One thing we like to do is build prototypes. We need them because they help create a solid foundation for expanding product functionality, understanding core features, and defining relationships between elements to create a fascinating user experience.
  • Rapid Prototyping - Once we are ready for foundation, it's time to get a realistic job. We start creating animations, structures, connection screens, buttons - these are small elements of a well-designed mobile program. We intend to make the prototype in the initial development, never stop the user test. Even if the product is safe in your company department or Apple Store, we can also optimize the experience.
  • Brand and visual design - the developer is the perfect team partner. So we can do simultaneously a lot of things. In the development of UI design at the same time, we also created a mobile application and a visual design of the brand. We analyze the needs and needs of users, an in-depth investigation of the target audience. Experts use market research, mental mapping, cases, new trends and cultural trends to understand what is motivating their clients.

Why choose our Apple developer in the UK?

We pay special attention to the latest trends and guidelines from Apple to make the best of the iOS operating system to create innovative programs to offer the advantages. Apple's software to create a lot of effort, we are pleased to be able to make a good move to your ideas, will be based on a wide range of Apple products to add and make it the most popular. As a result, the UK project team is made up of high-quality programmers, developers, testers, project managers and marketing specialists who have extensive iOS development experience.

Is there a development idea?

Do not hesitate to contact the UK customer service department at any time, our team will be happy to assist you.

Our solution is an ideal choice for any company that wants multinational companies to monopolize new foreign markets in a small family store. If you are interested in learning the potential that can unlock your business and incorporate the latest technology into the production process, the UK developers will be able to discuss your fresh ideas and turn them into profitable applications.