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Today there are more than 2 million mobile apps available in the Apple’s App Store. Mobile applications have been in demand since the introduction of smartphones, and they are becoming more and more popular. Now there are iphone app designer companies who can help you convert anything into an app. Why would you want it? Because apps help you stand out from your competitors and provide amazing experience to your customers.

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iPhone Design Guidelines

With many tools and technologies that exist today, building a program is not a hard challenge. Xcode and Sketch are two powerful platforms that facilitate the process for designers and developers alike. There is Sketch, which incorporate every possible template you may want and all tools you will need for the work, and there are also Xcode’s Assets Catalog and Storyboard that enable you to build a working prototype in no time. You can create a testable app in minutes.

Xcode for Designers

The Storyboard mode allows you to work with multiple screens and connect them using segues. You can create screen mockups without writing a line of code, simply dragging elements around. And everything you see is based on the same technologies and methods as the final product. If any technical problems arise throughout the process of design, you can instantly view them and test any time you want.

iPhone Prototyping

The most amazing thing about Xcode is its simplicity. As fast as in a couple of minutes you can build a prototype of four interconnected pages. Moreover, you can preview it on your iPhone. By the way, it is all for free. The user interface design in Xcode is similar to the functionality of Sketch and other code editors like SublimeText. However, using the Objects library and setting the properties may case some difficulties. Do not try to use all hundreds of options, start from the basics. Focus on the feature that you know how to use. And do not overindulge - Xcode’s functionality is endless.

How to Get Started

To get started, you will have to create a new project - simply select a single page application and give it a name. Then save your project somewhere. Congratulations, you have just created your first app project. Now let us explain what is the Asset Catalog - it organises all images, icons and buttons into a clean user interface. You can add assets, using drag and drop. Xcode will automatically pair 1x and 2x assets. To add more, it supports stretching, which can be used for dynamic buttons. You can set a stretchable area to repeat itself, enabling you to stretch the elements whenever you wish.

Storyboard and Objects

Xcode’s Storyboard works very much like Artboards in Sketch. iOS design with Storyboard is very intuitive, so you do not have to fear it. It focuses on visual experience when working with UI. In a way it is even easier than HTML5 and CSS, because you do not have to know any programming language to use it at this stage. Objects library is where you drag and drop the buttons, texts, images and other elements for the app. The best way to learn how to use it is playing around. Chill out and have fun, trying different options. If you want to design a product that will stand out, try making it look custom and not alike standard Apple’s applications. Knowing how to use these objects will enable you to customise the design as much as you wish, while not getting to far away from Apple’s standards.

Media Library, VC and Segues

After all your assets have been imported, they will be stored in the Media Library. This is very convenient because when you add anything to the Asset Catalog, it instantly appears in the Media Library. The View Controller is analogous to the Sketch’s Artboard. It is the screen where you can see all your states and interactions. It can contain various subviews including Text, View, Buttons, Table View, etc. There are six types of transitions within Storyboard segues: Cover Vertical, Flip Horizontal, Cross Dissolve, Partial Curl, None and Push (only with Navigation Controller). You should right click and drag the objects to connect. Storyboard offers designers an easy to use graphical user interface for design, but at the same time it does not provide you with a number of crucial elements, such as light status bar, back button and so on.

Test Your Design

Xcode provides you with a great opportunity to step your design on your iPhone. You should not skip this step. If you want your app to be flawless, you have to rigorously test it after after any modification has been done. Testing is equally important for designers, coders and managers - you cannot avoid it. This is a big advantage Xcode gives to designers, because other platform does not give you a chance to test the app in the native environment.

Expertise in Mobile Developement

WHen you have learned the basic of Xcode, it is time to proceed to design. Whether you want to develop B2B, B2C software or an app to address your internal processes, our iPhone design company can bring your idea to life and improve it with our creative input, in-depth understanding of mobile technologies and solid experience in iPhone app design. We utilise the latest digital trends and create user-friendly, intuitive designs, which is crucial when it come to ROI and business value. Our skilled and experienced programmers and designer have an expertise to deliver first-class iPhone apps that will increase your efficiency and boost sales.
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The visual appeal, usability and rich functionality that we incorporate into each product bring many benefits to your business and brand. Our talented team can tackle any project, whether it is a simple iPhone application for personal use or a complicated enterprise solution for a large corporation.
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Technologies We Apply
Our developers and designers stay abreast of the long-established and new technologies and are proficient in the following tools and languages:
  • Apple Developer SDK and Xcode environment;
  • Web services for iPhone Apps;
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) iOS web design;
  • Integration of push-notifications;
  • Online payment and e-commerce system integration.

Design Your iPhone App with Professionals

In an era when every consumer has a smartphone and spends a lot of time on the mobile internet, having a business ap is a must because it make your brand visible to the widest pool of smartphone owners. At our digital agency, we always strive for perfection and are interested in the success fo the project no less than you are, because it is a perfect chance to prove our expertise and gain reputation. Our iPhone app designer team have delivered many Successful solutions and are ready to translate our considerable knowledge into your project. We offer bespoke software design services and can provide you with a comprehensive marketing strategy to help you build your app’s user base.

iOS Design Services

So you have an idea of a top-notch solution that will earn you the love of your customers and bring your business to the next level? Get in touch with our experts and let us have a chat. We will ensure that you will get:
  • Apple Developer certificate. We will help you sign up for the official Apple Developer Program that enables you to publish your app in App Store. (Note that you will ahve to pay an annual fee).
  • Advanced features. We will incorporate all the latest innovation into your program if you desire to create a high-tech product. We are a way ahead of the competitors in terms of technologies.
  • Software that works across all devices. You can be sure that your app will support all devices, both old and new. If you wish, we will make your solution compatible with smartphones older than 5 years as well.
  • iOS app promotion. Our experts in app marketing will offer you their services and consult on the best practices to reach out to your customers.
  • Support of latest mobile operating systems. We guarantee you that your software will be compatible with the three latest versions of iOS. If you want it to support older versions, we can do it upon request.
  • Regular updates. We provide continuous support to our applications, introducing regular updates, fixing bugs and optimising the functionality.
  • Cross-device design compatibility. Our experienced designers will make sure that all the graphics and visual imagery looks good on screens of all iPhone models available on the market.
  • iPhone application maintenance. We offer you additional services of monitoring yourapp performance, collecting valuable user data and improving the app throughout its entire lifecycle.
  • Outstanding design. Our designers create impressive visuals and intuitive interfaces to ensure the most exciting user experience for your customers.
  • Satisfied expectations. There is no chance you will not love the program we design for you. We create software with passion and love for our craft and strive for the best results.